Uniform Requirements

Culinary Arts Dress Code for Cooking Labs

As stated in your syllabus, a chef uniformed is required to participate in labs. These items need to be brought to class on or before the first lab.  If you do not meet all of these requirements, you will receive a zero on your lab for the day.  Lab days are always changing, so be prepared EVERYDAY to work in the kitchen.

To participate in cooking labs each student must have:

Clean white chef’s jacket and bib-apron.  It is the student’s responsibility to launder the jacket and apron on a regular basis.  If they forget to bring them back to school, they may not participate.  Your student may not borrow these items from another student, due to district health and hygiene standards.

Closed-toe, non-slip shoes.  Leather or vinyl athletic shoes are acceptable.  No canvas style shoes (vans, keds, converse etc.) are allowed.  Students wearing open-toe shoes will not be allowed to participate in labs.  Your student must have their own shoes.  They may not borrow shoes from another student due to district health and hygiene standards.

Full length pants.  It is important to remember that food will be splattered, spilled, tossed, and rubbed into these pants.  I would recommend spending $10 on a pair of chef pants or black pants rather than ruining your $60 jeans.  Shorts, capris, or highly flammable garments will not be permitted!

Hair must be restrained, not touching the collar or hanging over the eyes.  Students must provide their own hair ties or clips…this includes the gentlemen.  Hooded jackets will not be permitted underneath the chef coat so make sure you wear a suitable shirt underneath when you come to culinary class. Your student may not borrow these items from another student, due to district health and hygiene standards.

Chef’s hat.  A chef’s hat is recommended. Ball caps are acceptable provided they are clean, black, with no markings of any kind.  If you are unsure, ask me! 

Vendors that sell affordable kitchen shoes:
DSW Shoe Warehouse
Make sure they are labeled as oil resistant, non slip.  You can easily find affordable safety shoes, but remember, if you are going to choose cooking as a profession, you are going to be on your feet for 8-15 hours a day+.  Get shoes that are comfortable and built to last.

Vendors that sell affordable chef pants and chef’s hats:
Dickies work pants are really good for the kitchen.
Scrub pants are also acceptable and can be found at any uniform store in Raleigh
If you go to the website, look at the clearance deals first.  Sometimes you can find chef pants for $5.00
This list is just a guide.

Chef Uniform Examples:

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