Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pin or Pass

Ashley G.

Hey y'all, I'm Ashley a senior in high school here to share with you whether that recipe on Pinterest is worth pinning, or if you should just Pass. 

This weeks Pin-

Baked Chicken Parmesan-

Baked chicken parmesan coupled with Italian seasoned fresh green beans makes for a wonderful Saturday night family dinner. This recipe for a healthier version of chicken parm was fairly easy to follow, takes under an hour, and turned out looking delicious. The recipe's healthy modifications requires you to bake the chicken instead of frying it, use reduced fat cheese, and a light brushing of butter instead of an egg wash for the breadcrumb coating. The chicken turned out wonderfully moist on the inside however the breading was disappointingly soggy. Gina's (author of the recipe) pictures she took of her chicken looked crispy and delicious, which was a little misleading since I expected crispy chicken. A fellow reader of Gina's blog had a genius idea to bake the chicken on a rake to allow for it to crisp up beautifully. So if you decide to make this baked chicken parmesan, make sure you bake the chicken on a rack to ensure a crispy texture. With just this one modification to the recipe I would definitely PIN this pin, it is a wonderful, healthy, and easy to make alternative to fried chicken parmesan. 

Best of luck and enjoy!

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