Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Taste of Cary

Amanda M.

Welcome to a Taste of Cary.  My name is Amanda, and my blog is dedicated to the delicious foods I have encountered in Cary. The restaurants that I “review” are mostly family oriented places. As a member of a big family myself, I love to be able to sit down and eat together. This blog will allow me to share some of my favorite places that I have been able to eat at with my family.
            This first week I want to talk about one of my favorite restaurants that I go to with my family. We started going to Sushi Thai about 12 years ago. I was very young and didn’t want to try the raw fish that I eat now. I would eat chicken tempura or grilled chicken teriyaki. Because we have been going to this restaurant for so many years we started to get to know the owners, some of the waiters, and even the head chef. Soon they got to know us by name and learned our usual orders. They knew us so well that we didn’t even need menus! Over the years I started becoming more adventurous and trying new foods. I progressed from cooked fish to raw sushi. 

The atmosphere of Sushi Thai is friendly and welcoming. Sometimes the restaurant is a bit busier on Friday or Saturday nights, but is still a fun place to eat. They offer a variety of foods from Thai, to Sushi, to Japanese. This is by far one of my favorite restaurants in Cary. Sushi Thai offers great food, a fun atmosphere, and friendly faces.

These are chef rolls made especially for us. The head Chef John knows what we do and don’t like in our rolls. He makes whatever he thinks we would like and almost all the time we love it.

The picture to the above is called a lobster bomb. The roll itself has lobster, avocado, crab, tempura flakes, and other vegetables on top of a sweet eel sauce. The martini glass has lobster tempura with the eel sauce.

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