This one credit course introduces students to food safety and sanitation, and basic skills
needed in the back and front of the “house.” This course should be taught in a
commercial kitchen, using standard large and small equipment found in the restaurant
and hospitality industry.

Students are trained to sit for the nationally-recognized credential of the National
Restaurant Association, ServSafe®. Teachers of this course are ServSafe® certified
and emphasize safety and sanitation principles in each unit. Students who receive this
credential are recognized as qualified to work in the industry and/or continue their
education in a postsecondary setting. Many business and industry partners have
assisted in planning this course.

By working in the culinary kitchen, students receive authentic experience in the food
service industry and begin career planning and exploration. Work-based strategies may
also be incorporated.  Introduction to Culinary Arts & Hospitality is designed to assist students in skill integration with core high school courses and in lifetime experiences. It is our goal that students gain skills that will prepare them to be better decision-makers, citizens, and workers.

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