CA II Honors

This two-credit course should be taken after Intro to Culinary and Culinary I. Students will use knowledge and skills gained in the first level course to learn advanced skills in the commercial culinary kitchen.  After examining the professional skills they need to develop for employment in the industry, students learn management and customer skills.  The role of the menu and menu pricing are studied and techniques applied to live settings.
Advanced culinary techniques in this course include advanced knife skills, hot food production, and advanced baking techniques.
An entrepreneurial project is incorporated into the course to give students an authentic experience in the food service industry and to assist with career planning and exploration.  Other work-based strategies may also be incorporated .

Culinary Arts and Hospitality II - is designed to assist students in skill integration with core high school courses and in lifetime experiences.   It is our goal that students gain skills that will prepare them to be better decision-makers, citizens, and workers.

This honors course extends the Standard Course of Study to a higher more challenging level. Students will choose among honors projects in addition to the activities in the Standard Course of Study.

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