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Restaurant Design Fall 2013

Honors Projects 2013

Southern Restaurant

Seafood Restaurant

Disney Restaurant

Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Irish Restaurant

Seasonal Restaurant

Family "Magic" Restaurant


Carbs-Only Restaurant

Holiday Restaurant

Italian Restaurant

Upscale Lebanese Restaurant

Fall 2013 Garde Manger Labs

Knife Skills, Stacked Cobb Salads and More Apple Birds


Holiday baking for Honors!  Each student created their own two-story gingerbread house and shed. This was by far the most challenging thing we have done in culinary, but so rewarding!

Farmer's Market 2013

Culinary II Honors and the Horticulture class went on our annual Farmer's Market trip this fall!  Each culinary lab group got $5 and they had to use squash.  Everyone agreed that this was their favorite lab to date!  They were put on the spot to create a menu item featuring seasonal squash and I was so impressed with their innovative ideas!  They made spaghetti squash primavera, acorn squash 3-ways (roasted, pureed, and casserole-style), veggie squash fajitas, and stacked fried squash and eggplant caprese.  Pretty neat, huh? Here are some photos that they students took from the field trip, along with a few that I took from the next day's lab!

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