Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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October flavor of the month at Baskin Robins

     As the weather cools and all the plant life slowly dies around us, there is one thing to be genuinely grateful for on this most spooky month of the year. As of today Baskin Robins has officially released its flavor of the month. It’s a sacred tradition that the franchise has been practicing since nineteen fifty-three.  This month’s ice cream is sure to be a shock as millions of fans around the world flock to stores to consume this seasonal favorite. This year’s October flavor of the month is “Trick OREO Treat Dark Ice Cream”. It is loaded with orange crème filled OREO cookies, BABY RUTH, BUTTER FINGER candy pieces, and topped off with a dark fudge ribbon. The savory sweet candy concoction of pure passion will melt in your mouth and satisfy your darkest sugary cravings.  So instead of reminiscing about the dog days of summer, skip the gym and come on down to your local Baskin Robins. Their thirty wonderful flavors will help you get a head start on packing on those holiday love rolls.

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